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The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the Times Colonist on DECEMBER 8, 2020

This church is waiting for end of pandemic

On behalf of Lutheran Church of the Cross in Victoria, we are thankful for the diligent leadership of Dr. Bonnie Henry, Health Minister Adrian Dix, and their Health Ministry team during the ­pandemic.

We appreciate how hard it must be to wrestle with public health challenges on a daily basis. Their empathy for the health and well-being of all residents of B.C. is evident in their frequent public briefings.

The province’s clear recommendations to faith communities have helped us implement COVID-19 protocols within the congregation, including the tough decision of cancelling in-person worship.

We stand behind their decision to limit in-person worship based on current research and data, in order to protect the health of members of faith communities and the wider community.

Following COVID-19 protocols, including wearing masks and limiting in-person worship, gives faith communities the freedom to plan for a future when it is safer to invite people into worship spaces.

Working together we can lessen the strain we are placing upon nurses, doctors, and all front-line workers and their families.

We give thanks for the work of scientists and researchers developing vaccines for wide distribution, longing for the day when this time of waiting is over, and we can gather together more fully once again.

Until then, we are faithfully waiting, not gathering for worship, committing to acts of love, observing COVID-19 protocols.

Joanne Solomonson, chair
Rev. Lyle McKenzie, co-pastor
Rev. Lyndon Sayers, co-pastor
Lutheran Church of the Cross