We are a Reconciling in Christ LGBTQ2S+ affirming congregation.

Church of the Cross' co-pastors are queer-affirming and availble to preside at same-sex weddings in our church building. 

We are open to calling pastors, deacons, and interns, as well as recommending folks for candidacy, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. We also want to support more queer folks and women serving as rostered ministers in the Lutheran church, including serving as deacons, pastors, and bishops.

Do you identify as queer, feel called to serve as a church leader, but worry about sufficient support from the wider church? Talk to our pastors and check out the good work of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM), who accompany queer candidates for ministry, deacons, pastors, and bishops.

We endorse SOGI in our schools.

We are amplifying queer voices and lay leaders in our worship and ministry.

We offer gender-inclusive bathrooms.

We will be offering a queer-affirming board game fellowship group in Fall 2019.

We recognize we make mistakes, have room to grow, being an affirming church requires ongoing work, and strive to better as we lift up queer siblings in Christ.

Contact us for more info.