Lutheran Church of the Cross is a Reconciling in Christ congregation, which is the Lutheran designation for queer-affirming congregations.

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Visiting from out of town? Consider asking the pastor at your home church whether you could become a Reconciling in Christ congregation. Ask our pastors for more information. We are happy to have a preliminary conversation with congregations seeking to become affirming and increase their public witness in their neighbourhood and wider church. Together we are queering the church, building up the body of Christ rooted in love.


Here is the congregation's Reconciling in Christ Welcome Statement, adopted on February 22, 2010:

As a Christian community, Lutheran Church of the Cross of Victoria affirms and celebrates human diversity in God’s creation. In response to God’s unconditional love communicated to all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ we actively welcome all people; including:

  • People of differing gender identities and sexual orientations;
  • People of any skin colour, ethnic or cultural origin;
  • People who are poor, rich, or of any economic and social circumstance;
  • People who are disabled and differently able;
  • People who are divorced, single, married, common-law, widowed;
  • People who are unemployed, employed, retired, students, children, elders;
  • People who are recovering; sick or healthy;
  • People who are in-between or outside these or any label or category.

Together we gather to worship, learn, and serve as equals, celebrating our unique God-given gifts, inviting all to join in the journey of faith in Christ and participate fully in the life of this community.

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