Many people have been reaching out asking how they can continue to support the church and its ministries during this time. In particular those who give during the Sunday offering or cannot leave their residences at this time.  

Alternative Giving Delivery Methods.  We can't do collection as normal but there are a variety of options to allow you to continue to support the church:   

Mail   The church office will be staffed during normal working hours and cheques can be mailed to Lutheran Church of the Cross 3787 Cedar Hill Rd Victoria, BC V8P 3Z4. Please do not mail cash, if you want to make a cash offering please drop it off at the church or call for home pick up.  

Direct Banking   Over 40 members of the church give their offering via direct monthly with-drawls from their bank accounts. If your interested in giving this way contact the office and we will get you the forms to start as soon as possible. You can select to contribute monthly, weekly, bi-monthly, or a one-time single offering. You can stop and start any time you want.  

Church Drop Off  The church office is open Monday to Thursday 900 am to 300pm.  

E Transfers  If you use E Transfers for other things in your life you know what we are talking about. We can accept these through our bank Van City. If you would like to do an E-Transfer please contact the church office before sending your transfer and Nicky can help you.  

Home Pick Up  If you are not comfortable with any of the above methods but still want to support the church contact the Financial Secretary Barry Walker, 250-381,1698, [email protected] and he will arrange for someone from the congregation to come and pick up your offering. We will even bring a collection plate for you to put it in!  

Local & National Charitable Foundations  Several of these exists that you can use on-line to get your offering to the church. The two most commonly used by members of the congregation are The Victoria Foundation and Canada Helps.   If you have any questions or need any help please contact the Financial Secretary, Barry Walker, 250-381-1698, [email protected] or the church office. Thank you for your continued generous support of the church and its ministries.   


Church Office phone: 250-477-6222    

Office e-mail: [email protected]

Mailing address: Lutheran Church of the Cross, 3787 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria, BC, V8P 3Z4