Grace and peace to you in these anxious times as we follow news about the outbreak of COVID-19 also known as the Corona virus. We are continuing to check and follow the most current information from our Provincial and Canadian Health Authorities to inform our local decision making. At Church of the Cross we are remaining calm, continuing to gather for Sunday worship, while also taking the recommended precautions. Together we are doing our part to limit the spread of the illness.             

Here are steps we are taking now:           

If anyone is experiencing symptoms, it is strongly recommended that they stay at home. If anyone in the congregation is feeling isolated or afraid in their home, please contact the Church office for support.             

Increasing hand washing. Requiring all people serving as Communion assistants, Luther Court Assistants, and hospitality assistants to wash hands beforehand with soap and water. Hand sanitizer dispensers are also available.           

Increasing cleaning. We are asking cleaners to pay special attention to cleaning common surfaces including bathrooms, light switches, and door handles.           

Holy Communion. We continue offering the option of individual cups for communion for those who wish to receive the wine this way.           

Passing of peace with a bow. We are not shaking hands during the peace for now. While this may feel awkward at first, it becomes normal when we all participate together.           

Simplified coffee hour. We are introducing simplified coffee hour in the Upper Hall. Only servers will hand out beverages and light snacks. No buffet style food table.

Choose what is best for you. We all respond to health issues differently depending on our bodies, physical and mental health. For some social isolation and loneliness is also a burden, so we are trying to strike a balance of continuing to gather for worship, while taking sensible precautions. It is also acceptable not to attend committee or board meetings in person if you are uncomfortable with doing so. Feel free to contact the chair or pastors for further conversation.

Listening. As your church leaders we are listening to you, one another, and health professionals. We will continue to monitor the situation, and change course as needed.

Clearly communicate. We are striving to clearly communicate with you as things unfold, striking a balance between precaution and gathering as community and church.  

Breathe and experience God’s grace. We still need to laugh, take a deep breath, and support one another during this time. This anxious time is a reminder of the need for care and compassion toward others and what a difference that can make together.